Review: The Pocket Tripod, Your iPhone Has A New Best Friend

Pocket Tripod

Pocket Tripod

What is a best friend?  A best friend is always there for you and always supports you.  By this definition, The Pocket Tripod is your iPhone’s new best friend.  It is the size of a credit card, so small and easy to carry – it is always there for your iPhone.  A couple of quick twists and turns and the Pocket Tripod fully supports your iPhone as a stand that offers 90 degrees of rotation. Pocket Tripod and your iPhone are BFFs.

Please watch out video review of the Pocket Tripod -

Sure, Technically This Is Not A Tripod

Tripod (n) – a three-legged stand for supporting a camera or other apparatus

As the video shows, the Pocket Tripod is lacking in legs, so technically it is not a tripod.  All the same, it is a very well designed stand for your iPhone that fits right in your wallet.  In our testing, what made the Pocket Tripod really stand out from other iPhone stands was the 90 degree hinge.  You can rotate your iPhone to just the right angle to shoot videos or take photos. In addition, being able to rotate your iPhone to the right angle for proper viewing is very cool as well.

Throw a Pocket Tripod in Your Wallet And Be Amazed At How Often You Use It

You may think you have steady hands, but when doing any close-up photography, even the smallest shake can create a blurry image.  The Pocket Tripod is great for doing close-up photograph and video, that is rock steady.  Want that perfectly still Selfie?  The Pocket Tripod works for this as well.  Traveling and want to setup your iPhone as an alarm clock on your night table?  The Pocket Tripod in landscape mode comes to your rescue.

In short, the Pocket Tripod is one of those useful gadgets that you can take with you everywhere and find endless ways to use it.

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