eZoom GPS Tracker, Keep Track of Your Bag, Bike, Car and Teens



When your teenager says he is just driving to Jimmy’s house, is that all he is doing?

Does your teen have a lead foot?

Did someone just steal your car?

Maybe, most important of all, who keeps stealing your lunch?

All of these questions can now be answered thanks to the eZoom GPS Tracker.  The eZoom is a tiny box that you can place in your car, bike, bag, pocket or even lunch box.  Using an app or web browser you can track the eZoom and get instant alerts based on its location and speed…at least those are the claims in the press release.

Of course here at Dad Does we review products, not press releases!  Please take a few moments to watch our hands-on video review of the eZoom GPS Tracker –

With the eZoom You Never Wonder Where Your Car or Kids Are

Being a parent of teens that are just starting to drive involves a fair amount of worrying.  Are they okay?  Did they get to school on time?  Are they driving safely? Did they get home after school?  You could of course rely on your teen calling you to inform you of there whereabouts at all times,  but there is probably a better chance that Democrats and Republicans will have an impromptu hug fest.

As the video shows, the eZoom uses automated alerts to let you know important location and speed information.  After a brief and simple initial setup, the eZoom really is a set it and forget device.  Throw the eZoom in a car and you can track the car.  Drop the eZoom in a backpack and instantly know everywhere that backpack goes.  You will need to recharge the eZoom every 5 to 20 days, but that is about all the maintenance it needs.

Is It Right to Track Your Kids Every Movement?

We have no idea.  We could have a whole debate about parenting in a technology obsessed world, but let’s save that for another day.  The point of this review is just to evaluate the eZoom in terms of technology and effectiveness.  You can make your own decisions on if you should use technology to track your teens, we will just stick to talking about how well the technology works.

Tracking Your Teens Doesn’t Come Cheap

The good news about the eZoom is it generally works as advertised.  We loved being able to setup alerts based on location and speed.  A simple email or text message would tell us when the eZoom had entered one of the zones we created.  It was spooky, but fascinating to get a text alert every time the eZoom was going over 55 MPH.  Being able to use the History function to see exactly where the car was at any given time – NSA type awesome!

The bad news about the eZoom is that all this tracking comes with a pretty hefty price tag.  The unit itself is $99, which seems reasonable for a GPS tracking device.  The problem is, you must get a monthly usage plan, which runs about $20 a month.  If that $20 a month figure does not scare you, then the eZoom is an excellent tracking device.

For many parents, who are already paying for cable, Internet, phone, Netflix and more – the idea of spending another $20 a month is a little alarming.  While the eZoom can do a tremendous amount, it does not make phone calls or check your email for you.  So, you are looking at another $20 a month, on top of what you are already paying for your teen’s cell phone service.

If Detailed Tracking Is Necessary In Your Life, The eZoom Can Be Your Answer

If the eZoom cost $99 and had just a $5 monthly fee, we could fully recommend it to anyone.  Given that the monthly price tag is $20, we believe that people who have really strong tracking needs would be the best audience for the eZoom.  If you have been looking for an accurate and easy way to track anything that moves, and the monthly fee works within your budget, the eZoom GPS Tracker is an excellent choice.

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