Review: Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire, Stop The Zombie Invasion With One Hand

Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire Blaster

Look, a Zombie Invasion is going to happen, that is just a cold hard scientific fact.  How else could you possibly explain all the Zombie killing toys?  In any case, the only remaining question worth discussing, when it comes to the Zombie Invasion, is will you be able to kill off the Zombies with just one hand.

For the past 8 months, Nerf has been selling their Zombie Strike line of blasters.  Some fine blasters, but they all required two hands to load, cock and fire.  Things get interesting today with the release of the Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire.  The Slingfire claims to be the first Nerf Zombie killer that you can fire, reload and fire again – all with one hand.

Please watch our video review of the Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire Blaster…

Why Is Slinging A Blaster So Fun?

I have no idea why, but there is something just so satisfying about slinging a Nerf Blaster with one hand and having it reload and be ready for firing at your kids Zombies.  Is the Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire the most accurate blaster ever?  No, but who cares – you sling and fire!  It may sound like a gimmick,  but I have to say, it is taking everything I have right now not to stop writing this and pick up the Slingfire and just start slinging!

Here is some more information on the Nerf Sling Fire blaster –

  • Zombie Strike SlingFire Blaster has lever-action blasting
  • Blaster cocks 2 ways: Swing lever or flick to cock with 1 hand
  • Includes 6-dart clip and 6 Zombie Strike darts
  • Tactical Rail lets you add accessories – sold separately
  • Includes SlingFire blaster, 6 Zombie Strike darts, 6-dart clip and instructions
  • Ages 8 and Up,  Price about $25

More Information:

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