Review: Thinium Charge, The World’s Thinnest and Coolest Wall Charger

Thinium Charge

Thinium Charge

We tend to get a lot of emails from well meaning PR folks.  They have this amazing ability to make the most boring products sound like dazzling, once in a lifetime breakthroughs.  Of course, then we get the product and it is as boring as we thought.  So, when we were told by PR folks that we had to check out the “amazing” Thinium Charge smartphone charger at CE Week, we were a little skeptical.  Come on, is there really anything exciting about a charger for your smartphone?  Guess what…there is!

If Only Every Product Had The Design Chops of the Thinium Charge

The Thinium Charge is the world’s thinnest wall charger for your iPhone or micro USB phone.  Thin is fine, but what makes the Thinium Charge so impressive is how well it is designed.  Please watch our hands-on video review of the Thinium Charge –

Simple, Slim and Effective

The Thinium Charge is one of those products that once you see it in action, you want it!  No complicated explanations needed, the Thinium Charge is so thin and portable that you will take it everywhere and never have to worry about lugging around charger cables again.

Here are the key details on the Thinium Charge –

Compatibility Thinium Charge models will be compatible with the following connectors for iPhone, Android and Windows phones: Micro USB, Apple Lighting, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPod Touch (5th Gen), iPod nano (7th Gen). Works with most micro USB mobile phones, including smartphones by Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, LG & more.
Product Dimensions 85mm x 55mm x 9mm
Warranty 1 Year
Input A 110VAC – 220VAC
Input B 5VDC USB port
Output DC 1A/5V

Make Your iPhone Happy, Get It a Thinium Charge

The Thinium Charge is so well designed, it seems like the perfect companion for your iPhone. We have been using it for the past 5 days and it has worked flawlessly.  It appears to be well built, but we will continue to test it to see if any issues pop up after months of use.  At this point, we are incredibly impressed with the design and functionality of the Thinium Charge.

I clearly am cordophobic since I am just giddy with excitement to have one less cord to shove in my travel bag!

More Information:

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The Thinium Charge Is Available for $49.99 on Pre-order Here.

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