Lasers To Remotely Detect Drunk Drivers? Bring it On!

Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving

Lasers are cool, that is a fact.  Drunk drinking is stupid and dangerous, that is also a fact.  Soon it may be possible to use the total awesome coolness of lasers to remotely detect and hopefully deter the stupidity that is drunk driving.

Lasers Can Detect More Than Just The Speed of a Car

In a study published in the Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, researchers showed that they could remotely detect alcohol vapor inside a moving car from a roadside laser device.   Forget speed traps, in the future we could have drunk driving traps!

Sure, There Are Still Loads of Issues, But Let’s Make This Happen…

Hop over to Popular Science where they have a great recap on the study.  Yes, there are still plenty of issues that need to be resolved.  The laser could be fooled by a drunk passenger or alcohol spilled in the car.  Then there is the issue that in the study they could only detect down to a .1 blood alcohol content, which is well above the legal limit (.05 is considered legally drunk).

Issues not withstanding, we would love to see this technology develop into a real world law enforcement device.   Every 2 hours, 3 people are killed by drunk drivers…that is just horrible.  The government listening to all our phone calls…not really into that.  Law enforcement being able to stop and deter drunk drivers with advanced technology…bring it on!

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