The Best Outdoor Toys and Gadgets for Summer 2014

Fun Outdoor Toys 2014

The calendar has finally flipped to June.  The long cold winter is becoming a distant memory.  The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and… you are about to go insane if you can’t get the kids to play outside.

Fear not Moms and Dads, we are here to help.  We understand that the key to a happy, enjoyable and fun filled summer for any family is to spend some quality time…apart!  Of course, you want to hang and play with the kids, but you also know that the kids need to get outside and run, play and get all that endless energy out.   Once the sun sets and the kids have spent the day outside playing, the whole family can have some quality time together at night.

Let me guess, the kids need a little incentive to put the iPad down and get playing outside?  You have come to the right place oh weary parent, sit back and bask in the amazement that is…

The Complete Guide To The Best Outdoor Toys and Games for Summer 2014

How do you get the kids begging to stay outside until the sun sets?  Give them some awesome outdoor toys! In this guide we will be covering the top outdoor toys for kids of all ages (and even some for Moms and Dads) for 2014.  Every review is based on real world testing and our reviews are completely objective as we never charge any money to do a review (see our Product Review Pledge).

Let’s not forget our past.  There were plenty of great outdoor toys in 2013 as well.  Click here to see our 2013 Guide to The Best Outdoor Toys!

Cool Outdoor Toys Keep Coming In and This Living Guide Keeps Growing

We are starting this guide in June, but we will keep adding toys as the temperature keeps rising. We are constantly testing out new outdoor toys and games and will be updating this guide every few days – so check back often. Have an outdoor toy, game or gadget you really want to see reviewed? Just let us know – we aim to please.

Enough talk, let’s get right into The Best Outdoor Toys for 2014…

Power Spin Your Way to Dizzying Fun

Razor Power Rider 360

Razor PowerRider 360

A three wheel ride-on that you can do 360 degree spins on is fun. In fact, the Razor FlashRider 360 made our 2012 list of Top Outdoor toys.  The thing is, it is 2014 now, we need a little extra umph to get us excited.  Enter the Razor Power Rider 360, an electric three wheel ride-on that does 360 degree spins and crazy drifts.

Simply press a button on the handlebar and the 12 volt battery kicks in, moving the kids along at 9 MPH.  That may not be fast if you are moving in a straight line, but the PowerRider 360 has free spinning back wheels so you are constantly drifting and doing crazy spins.  Let’s just hope the kids don’t drive a car like this when they get old enough!

Full Review (and video) of Razor PowerRider 360

Price: Sells for About $179. Good for kids ages 8 and up.

Launch 6 Rockets For 6 Times The Fun

Zing X6 Zoom Rocketz

X6 Zoom Rocketz

Slam your foot down and watch a rocket fly up into the air.  This was the formula for success with the original Stomp Rocket and it was a blast.  Zing is now taking rocket launches to a whole new level.  With the X6 Zoom Rocketz you can stomp down on the air pad 6 times and fire 6 rockets into the air.  No batteries, no remotes, just jump up and down on an air bladder and watch 6 rockets go flying over 100 feet into the air.

As a side note, Moms and Dads – had a bad day?  Take 6 huge, anger draining stomps on the X6 Zoom Rocketz and you will feel much better!

Full Review (and video) of The X6 Zoom Rocketz

Price: $24. Best for kids ages 4+

Rockets + Wings = High Flying Fun

Sky Gliderz from Zing Toys

Sky Gliderz

While we love the X6 Zoom Rocketz, the rockets basically go up and then come right back down.  Wouldn’t it be cool if the rockets could glide back to earth and do some flips and spins while coming down?  Yep, this is totally possible with the new Sky Gliderz from Zing Toys.

Use the included Rip-Zip launcher to fling a Sky Gliderz up to 120 feet into the air.  Once the Sky Gliderz starts coming back down, that is when things get interesting.  The Sky Gliderz have wings so they glide, spin and flip back down to earth.  Just make sure you have some open space, the Sky Gliderz really do glide!

Full Review (and video) of the Sky Gliderz

Price: $14.99. Ages 8 and up

Best Gadget To Make The Outdoors Safe For Kids

Mosquito Magnet Commander

Mosquito Magnet Commander Central

I know what you are thinking…what is a bug zapping gadget doing in an Outdoor Toy Guide?  Here is the thing, if you want the kids to play outside all day, you need to make the outside kid friendly.  If your backyard is teaming with mosquitoes, you need to get a Mosquito Magnet Commander to rid your backyard of those nasty mosquitoes.

The Mosquito Magnet Commander is not cheap, but it is effective!  Before you send the kids out to play all summer, let the Mosquito Magnet Commander suck up the mosquitoes.  After all, any outdoor toy is more fun to play with when you are not constantly swatting mosquitoes away.

Full Review (and video) of the Mosquito Magnet Commander

Price: $999

Best Way to Throw A Ball…200 Feet!

Aero Zipp

Aero Zipp

Kids think throwing a ball around is boring?  What about if the ball could go 200 feet and curve like a snake?  The new Aero Zipp from OgoSport takes throwing a ball to a whole new level.  By taking advantage of the Magnus Effect, kids can you use the Aero Zipp launcher to fling a golf ball sized ball over 200 feet.

Full Review (and video) of Aero Zipp

Price: $34.95 and Ages 8 and Up

Make This Summer a Nano Drone Summer

X-Drone Nano RC Quadcopter

XDrone Nano

Drones are going to take over the world soon.  Resistance is futile.  You know what they say, if you can’t beat’em, join’em.  Now your kids can get into the RC Drone fun with the X-Drone Nano from WebRC.

Don’t let the small size of the X-Drone Nano fool you, this RC Quadcopter is packed with technology.  Gyro stability makes it a breeze to fly and if you like stunts, just press a button on the remote and do instant flips and spins.  My guess is that when the autonomous Drones decide to take over the world, they will have some pity on the folks who own an RC Drone.

Full review (and video) of the X-Drone Nano from WebRC

Price: About $41 With DadDoes Coupon. Great for kids ages 12 and up

Take The Road Less Traveled For More Fun

Air Hogs HyperTrax

Air Hogs HyperTrax

The summer is all about playing outside, having fun and getting dirty.  Roads are fine and all, but every kid knows the real fun happens off-road…in the dirt.  The new Air Hogs HyperTrax is built to get dirty!  Drive this RC vehicle in the dirt, mud and rain.  Don’t let rocks, roots or steps stop you from motoring on.  The HyperTrax is built to drive over and through just about anything.

Full review (and video) on the Air Hogs Hyper Trax

Price: About $34.  Great for kids ages 6 and up

Don’t Let That Summer Breeze Spoil Your High Flying Fun

Hurricane H6 RC Helicopter

Hurricane H6

We love RC helicopters and have reviewed numerous models on Dad Does.  The problem is, most RC helicopters do NOT love wind.  A strong summer breeze can knock a standard RC helicopter out of the sky and into a tree.  The Hurricane H6 RC Helicopter from Interactive Toy Concepts is a large helicopter that has the weight to stand up strong to a stiff breeze.  This summer, don’t let those summer winds end your RC flying fun!

Full review (and video) on the Hurricane H6 RC Helicopter

Price: About $79. Great for ages 12+

When You Really Need to Soak Someone…

Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow

Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow

It is not Summer until someone pulls out a Super Soaker.  There is no debating the fact that Super Soakers are THE water guns to have.  The thing is, not all Super Soakers are created equal.  If you want to really soak someone, you need the new Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow.  Press a button and two arms pop out, giving you three streams of water to blast at your foe!

Full review (and video) on the Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow

Price: About $20. Great for ages 5+

Twist The Throttle and Gooooo…

GhostRider Electric Bolt Scooter

Electric Bolt Ghostrider

Maybe your kids have outgrown kick scooters.  They are going to need something with a little more cool, to get them off their iPads and outside playing.  Feast your eyes on the Pulse Performance Products GhostRider Electric Bolt Scooter.  Kids simply twist the throttle and they zip off at 13 MPH.  With 24 Volts of power, the kids should get 40 minutes of ride time before they need to recharge.  Twist and Go Kids, Twist and Goooooo…

Full review (and video) on the GhostRider Electric Bolt Scooter

Price: About $189. Great for ages 10+

Stay Tuned – Much More To Come…

We are just getting started with our fun outdoor toys for Spring and Summer 2014. We will be adding new reviews on a regular basis so check back often or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates.

Now get outside and play!

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