It’s Official, X6 Zoom Rocketz Are 6 Times More Fun Than Zoom Rocketz

X6 Zoom Rocketz

X6 Zoom Rocketz

Stomp down on air bladder, watch rocket fly into the sky.  This simple formula has brought hours of outdoor fun to endless kids of all ages.  The original Stomp Rocket got kids stomping in the early 90s, but since then there have been dozens of variations to the basic design, mainly focusing on getting the rockets to fly higher.

Last year Zing Toys got into the act with their Zoom Rocketz which added the ability to angle the rockets and fly up to 200 feet.  Now in 2014, Zing Air is turning things up a notch…actually up 6 notches…with the X6 Zoom Rocketz.  Now you can load 6 rockets on the launcher and have some rapid fire launching fun!

Please watch our full video review of the X6 Zoom Rocketz in action -

One Foot + Six Rockets = Loads of High Flying Fun

The X6 Zoom Rocket is one of those great toys which really does not need a written review.  Watch the above video and you immediately get it.  Place 6 rockets on the launch pad, stomp foot down 6 times, watch 6 rockets fly up.  We love how the rockets auto rotate without the need for batteries.  You stomp, rockets fly.  Simple, beautiful design and most importantly…fun!

Kids Get Outside and Start Stomping!

The X6 Zoom Rocketz from Zing Toys sells for $24 and comes with 6 rockets and the launch pad.  It is rated for ages 8+, but I see no reason why kids ages 4 and up could not jump on the pad and have a blast watching the rockets fly.  Moms and Dads, if you are looking for a great way to encourage the kids to put down the iPad and play outside this summer, get them the X6 Zoom Rocketz.  As a bonus, you will have as much fun as the kids…because who doesn’t love launching rockets by slamming your feet down?

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X6 Zoom Rocketz by Zing Air, Ages 8+, Retail $24.99

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