Review: Zano Bow from Zing Toys, We Are Going Nano Crazy!

Zano Bow from Zing Air

Zano Bow from Zing Air

Run for your lives, everything is shrinking!  The world has gone Nano crazy…but we are here to guide you through the miniaturization of everything you own.  Last week we reviewed the XDrone Nano, a super small quadcopter.  Then we broke records with the world’s smallest RC helicopter – the Nano Falcon.  Today Zing shows that even bow and arrows are not safe from the shrink gun as they release the nano sized Zano Bow (Zing Air).

Please watch our video review of the Zano Bow from Zing Toys…

Finally, A Bow And Arrow You Can Shoot Inside

I know, I’m a Dad and I am supposed to be a responsible parent and NOT encourage the kids to shoot darts inside the house…but come on, the Zano Bow is so small and cute, how can you not play with it indoors?  The Zano Bow is just one of those things you pick up and instantly are overcome by an uncontrollable desire to shoot something.  Thankfully the suction darts (called Zartz) are furniture safe and don’t hurt if you just happen to mistake your fleeing kid’s back as a target.

The Zano Bow Is Great for Kids of All Ages

Zing makes some pretty awesome bows, like the Z-Curve Bow which has an impressive 120 foot range.  The problem with the large bows is that it takes some strength to pull the arrows all the way back…which makes them not a great toy for the under 8 crowd.  The Zano Bow, with its small size is super easy to load and fire.  Kids ages 4+ should have no problem playing with the Zano Bow.

Then there are the big kids…like the Dads…who will love the compact nature of the Zano.  I could see the Zano Bows being used in offices and cubicles for some midday tension release.    Indoors or outdoors, young or old, the Zano Bow is a fun way to be the Archer of your dreams!

More Information:

The Zano Bow from Zing Toys, $9.99, Ages 4+.  Includes one bow, two Zartz suction darts and one target.

Purchase the Zano Bow on Amazon.Com

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