Sky Gliderz from Zing Toys, This Is What Happens When Rockets Grow Wings

Sky Gliderz

Sky Gliderz

Rockets are cool, there is no denying that fact.  Be it explosive powered, battery powered or even human powered like the Sky Ripperz and Zoom Rocketz from Zing Toys that we reviewed in 2013.  Rockets go up and then they come pretty much straight down.  What could make a rocket even more cool?  What about if that Rocket grew wings so it could glide back down to earth?

Let us introduce the new Sky Gliderz from Zing Toys.  We first saw this demonstrated at Toy Fair 2014, but we knew we needed to get the Sky Gliderz outside to test how they fly in the real world.  Please watch our video review of the Sky Gliderz From Zing Toys…

What Goes Up Must Come Down…But It Can Glide Down!

It is true that what goes up must come down, but when it comes down by gliding in loops – it is much cooler!  Sky Gliderz take the idea of a simple slingshot rocket or dart and add a fun flying element to the toy.  The kids had a blast not only launching the Sky Gliderz 120 feet up into the air, but then chasing after them and trying to catch them as they came gliding down.  If one gets caught in a nice breeze, it just makes the gliding part more fun.

No Batteries, No Recharging…Just Outdoor Fun

Sky Gliderz are a simple toy that you can be playing with within 30 seconds of opening the box.  You get two Sky Gliderz and one Rip-Zip launcher.  The Sky Gliderz whistle as they go up and then do loops and spins as they float back down to earth.  It takes a little bit of practice to get the flick of the wrist on launching just right, but the kids figured it out after a few attempts.  You do want to have a good amount of open space, as you never know exactly where the Sky Gliderz will glide to.

If you are looking for a fun and affordable toy, that will have the kids playing outside for hours this spring and summer, the Sky Gliderz ($15) from Zing Toys is an awesome choice.

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