Review: Aero Zipp by OgoSport, Now You Can Toss A Ball Like a Super Hero!

Aero Zipp

Aero Zipp

Ever wish you could toss a ball 200 feet…without breaking a sweat?  Now you can, and you don’t even need to be a Super Hero (although that would be a cool bonus).  The OgoSport Aero Zipp is a new outdoor toy for 2014 that lets you whip a bottle over 200 feet.  Place the soft, golf ball sized ball in one of the two included launchers and give it a flick.  No batteries, no rubber bands, just the power of the Magnus effect (we will explain later).

Please watch our video review of the Aero Zipp by OgoSport -

You Have To Believe Us, The Balls Really Do Fly Far!

While we had a great time playing with the Aero Zipp, filming it proved to be a major challenge.  Trying to track a tiny ball, flying 200 feet was somewhat beyond our equipment.  Apologies on the video, really wish we could have had a camera in the ball so you could get a feel for the speed and distance traveled.

It takes a little practice to get the throwing motion down, but once you have it, it is pretty amazing how far a ball can travel with a simple swing of your arm.  As we touched on in the video, this toy takes advantage of the Magnus effect.   Basically the ball has lots of little dimples and is spinning at a rapid rate when launched from the Aero Zipp launcher.  The backspin on the balls causes the air above to move faster than the air stream below and thus giving you extra distance before landing.  Thankfully you don’t need to understand the Magnus effect to have a blast playing with the Aero Zipp.

More Information on the Aero Zipp Double Pack

The Aero Zipp we reviewed in the video was a Aero Zipp Double Pack.  Here is more information –

  • Two Aero Launchers
  • Two Aero Holsters
  • 6 Aero Balls
  • Balls Fly Over 200 Feet
  • Aero Arm Folds Down For Storage
  • Full Instructions
  • Additional Balls Sold Separately

Play Aero Games, Or Just Whip Some Balls Around

On the box they recommend a few games you can play with the Aero Zipp.  Things like Aero Golf (trying to hit a target), Aero Catch (try to catch a ball) or Aero Distance (see how far you can fling a ball).  In truth, I think most kids will pick up the Aero Zipp and just see how far they can whip a ball.  Hitting a target or catching the ball were very challenging – but just whipping the balls around and seeing how far they could fly…that was fun!

One Warning – You Need A GREAT Deal of Space To Enjoy Aero Zipp

Overall, we enjoy playing with Aero Zipp.  It is a great way to get the kids off the iPads and playing outside this spring.  The only problem – you will need a lot of space to play in! If you are on a football field or soccer field, you will have a great time.  If you try playing in a small backyard…you are going to end up losing a lot of balls into your neighbors yard.

No need to wear a cape, no large S on your chest necessary.  If you want to throw a ball like a Super Hero, you just need the Aero Zipp.

More Information:

The Aero Zipp Double Pack from OgoSport Sells For $34.95

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