iRig Mic Review: Capture The Sounds To Go With the Moment

iRig Mic

iRig Mic

As parents, we all have precious kids who do incredibly talented and cute things.  When our kids do said things, we all grab our iPhones and start shooting video.  While iPhones, iPads and Android devices are great for capturing the video of the moment, they don’t do a great job of capturing the sounds of the moment.

Today we see if we can fix this problem with the iRig Mic from IK Multimedia.  The iRig Mic is a professional quality handheld microphone that attaches to your iOS or Android device.  Please watch our video review of the iRig Mic from IK Multimedia -

The iRig Mic, Made For Vocalist…And What Kid Isn’t Vocal?

In truth, the iRig Mic is a professional quality microphone that is ideal for singers, musicians and vocalist.  As explained on the IK Multimedia site –

“The iRig Mic features a highly unidirectional condenser-electret microphone capsule that provides quality recording in both close mic and long distance mic conditions, and provides real time monitoring with its dual mini-jack connector design. A three-level gain switch makes it instantly adjustable for any sound pressure condition — from soft speaking to loud playing. Its familiar form is perfect for handheld performance, plus it allows you to mount it on any mic stand leaving your device free for operating your favorite app. Its rugged metal body is road-ready for the mobile musician.”

While the iRig is clearly a professional quality microphone, with a reasonable $59 price tag, we feel it is also great for parents.  If you have kids who perform, sing or play music – the iRig Mic is a great way to capture the audio.

Here are some of the key features of the iRig Mic –

  • Ideal for all vocal applications from singing to speech
  • Great for all types of sound recording or processing in music or any other audio application
  • Quality condenser-electret unidirectional capsule
  • Dual mini-jack connector allows real-time monitoring on headphones, speakers, mixers, PAs
  • Rugged, durable metal housing
  • Easy to set-up for any sound source
  • Can be handheld or placed on a standard mic stand
  • Comes with apps for singers and songwriters
  • Works with your (other) favorite audio apps

If You Want Better Sound Quality on Your iPhone, Get an iRig Mic

Sometimes reviews are complicated.  There are lots of different factors at play and it can be hard to give a concrete recommendation.  This is NOT the case with the iRig Mic.  If you have the problem where you find the audio recording on your iOS or Android device is not satisfactory, then you should get an iRig Mic.  It is as simple as that.  As the video shows, the iRig Mic records much better sound quality, so if you are looking for a handheld mic for your phone or tablet, the iRig is an excellent choice.

More Information:

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