Review: Zinc Chozen Scooter, Will You Be The Chosen One?

Chosen Zinc Scooter

Zinc Chozen

When it comes to doing tricks and performing on a scooter, not everyone is equal.  First and foremost, you need the skills to be able to perform and master the moves.  In addition, if you are going to be the Chosen One, the one who rises to the top, you will also need the right equipment, great warrior.  Is the Zinc Team Series Chozen Scooter, the ride you need to make you the Chosen One?

Let’s Take A Look At Our Video Review of the Zinc Chozen Purple Team Series Scooter -

The Zinc Chozen Scooter, For Taking Things To The Next Level

There are scooters and then there are SCOOTERS.  We have reviewed our fair share of standard kid scooters from companies like Razor.  These are great scooters that are inexpensive, easy to transport and made for kids of all skill levels.  The Zinc Team Series Purple Chozen Scooter kicks things up a number of levels.

Chosen Zinc Scooter

The Purple Chozen is made for doing tricks and performing.  At this team series level it is all about weight, balance and build quality.  No cables, no motors, no kickstands – the Zinc Chozen is made for kids and young adults who treat riding as a sport and art form.  At about $300 retail, the Zinc Sports Chosen Scooter is clearly aimed at the more hardcore scooter market.

All The Juicy Specs on the Zinc Sports Chozen Scooter

Here are all the key specs on the Purple Chozen Scooter from Zinc Sports –

  • Chro-moly steel bar
  • 82.5 degree headtube
  • SCS Aluminum Quad Clamp
  • CNC Threadless headset with unique Zinc branding
  • CNC alloy fork
  • Anodised Aluminium 6061-T6 extruded deck with unique ZINC detailing
  • Integrated 4.5″ wide x 19.5″ long deck
  • Spring steel brake
  • 10mm High Bounce 6 Spoke Alloy core wheels – 88A PU
  • Rubberised Pro Grips
  • Available in 4 colors
  • 100kgs Maximum Weight

Will The Zinc Chozen Scooter Make You The Chosen One?

Yes!  No!  Maybe?  Obviously, no scooter in the world can make up for lack of practice, skills and training.  If you are into performing and have spent the time perfecting your skills, the Zinc Chozen Scooter is a great instrument for you to perform your artistry.  The Chozen is well made, perfectly balanced and to top it off has a sharp design.

As a Dad, I live in fear my kids will want to do crazy tricks and stunts, over hard concrete, on a scooter.  If that is a path they are going to take, I would at least want them to have a quality built, high performance scooter like the Zinc Chozen.  Oh, and to also wear a helmet… and full body armor!

More Information:

The Zinc Sports Chozen Scooter Team Series Retails for about $300.

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