Hurricane H6 RC Helicopter Review, Yes It Is Hurricane Season Again!

Hurricane H6

Hurricane H6

The snow is finally melting, the sun is shining, people are slowing coming out of their shelters, the Arctic air is finally moving back to…well the Arctic I suppose.  Yes, we are so excited for it to be prime Hurricane weather!  No, not THAT  type of hurricane, we are talking about the Interactive Toy Concepts BladeRunner Series RC Hurricane H6 Helicopter!

You see, the Hurricane H6 is a large 20″ Remote Control Helicopter that can fly outside in light to moderate wind, so these spring days are the perfect time to fly the Hurricane.  Please watch our video review of the Hurricane H6 RC Helicopter –

The Hurricane H6, No Flips and Cameras, But Plenty of Fun

The Hurricane H6 doesn’t do flips and stunts.  It doesn’t record video or allow you to fly it via an app.  What the Hurricane H6 does do is provide an incredibly fun and enjoyable flying experience. If you want a large amount of bells and whistles, there are better RC toys, but if you want a large, easy to fly and maneuver RC helicopter, the Hurricane H6 is a great choice.

Here are the basic specs on the Hurricane H6 –

  • 2.4GHz 3 Channel Remote
  • Gyro Stabilization
  • 20″ Length
  • Digital Proportional Flight Control
  • 7.4V Internal Battery
  • Durable Metal Chassis and Polymer Cowling
  • Dual Rotor With Stabilizing Bar for Even Flights

For These Spring Days, Bigger Really Is Better

We have reviewed plenty of smaller helicopters and quadcopters and they work great indoors or in very light wind.  The problem is, if you want to fly those RC toys outside on a breezy spring day, you can quickly loose control of your craft.  The Hurricane H6 has enough size and weight to it to allow it to remain in control, even in moderate wind.

If you are looking for a relatively easy to fly outdoor RC Helicopter, that can withstand the changing winds of Spring, the Hurricane H6 is an excellent choice.  One tip, while it is called the Hurricane, I would not suggest trying to fly it in one :)

More Information:

The Hurricane H6 RC Helicopter from Interactive Toy Concepts, $79.95 Retail, Ages 12+

Purchase the Hurricane H6 At BJ’s Warehouse

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