The Butt Book Product Review…Wait Is This Really For Kids???

Butt Book Samples

The Butt Book?

At Dad Does we like to think we are in the loop when it comes to all things having to do with Dads, Moms and kids.  Recently we were hearing some good buzz from the mom blogs and dad blogs about a funny new kids book called The Butt Book.  So, there is the cover above… a little hardcore for kids if you ask us.  Sure, childhood obesity is a problem in America, but telling your 6 year old she can have a fat-free butt in 9 weeks? Wow, that is some tough love parenting!

What’s That… Wrong Butt Book.. Sorry About That

It has been brought to my attention that we had the wrong Butt Book.  That is a relief, I didn’t think my 6 year old was going to be man enough to handle that 9 week program!  So, here is the correct Butt Book…

The Real Butt Book?

Okay, now we have a Butt Book kids can get into… wait a minute, that is the same wrong Butt Book with just a different cover.  Come on!

The Real Butt Book!

The Butt Book by Artie Bennett

Finally, the ever diligent staff of Dad Does has come up with the correct The Butt Book.

Sure, we have been having some fun with you, but that is only because we are in a completely silly mood after reviewing the very funny new picture book by Artie Bennett.   Yes, this is a rhyming picture book all about Butts.  Really do I even need to say more?

Life Would Be Better If We All Quoted The Butt Book More Often

“Why do we have butts?  Perchance, a place to place our underpants?”

“Without your butt, you’re incomplete.  You could not use the toilet seat.”

“Butts can come in every size.  Some will droop and others rise.”

Drop those lines at your next meeting and see how much better things will go.  While the text of the book is great, the illustrations really make the book so much fun.

Here are some samples…

The Butt Book Sample

And this classic…

Butt Book Samples

The Butt Book Is Just Plain Fun To Read

I challenge anyone not to giggle and smile when they read The Butt Book by Artie Bennett.   Mr. Bennett does a great job of bringing humor and even a touch of class to the world of butts.  In fact, in one of the more impressive feats of writting, Mr. Bennett writes an entire kids book about butts and has NO fart jokes!

I should also add that the illustrations by Mike Lester are also fantastic.  The artwork is very colorful and playful and kids will love it.   I would imagine it is a challenge to illustrate a whole kids book on butts and not cross the line into inappropriate, but Mr. Lester does it.

Need a Last Minute Holiday Gift – Give The Butt Book

I could see Aunts and Uncles buying this book for their nieces and nephews – to win the status of Cool Aunt or Hip Uncle.  I bet some parents are a little concerned about getting a book called The Butt Book for their kids – but those parents need not worry – it is a great and fun book.

One word of caution, if you order online, make sure you get the right Butt Book – that Butt Book about losing fat off your butt in 9 weeks – it doesn’t even rhyme!

FULL DISCLOSURE: The Butt Book was given to us to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy the book. If you do buy the book and develop a new found respect for butts, then we have done our job on this planet. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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