Review: Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Tablet, Windows Fans, Your Tablet Has Arrived

ThinkPad 8

ThinkPad 8

There are many things that are in short supply in this world.  Astatine (Google it), drinkable water and a good slice of pizza outside NYC immediately come to mind.  What probably does not come to mind are computer tablets.  It seems like everyday a new tablet is released and this is because…well, pretty much every few days a new tablet is released.

With this in mind, you might be wondering why we would even bother reviewing the new Lenovo ThinkPad 8 tablet ($399).  At first glance the ThinkPad 8 looks like many of the other 8″ tablets on the market, but as soon as you hold it and start to use it, you immediately can tell this tablet is special.  The ThinkPad 8 runs Windows 8.1 Pro, has an incredible 1920 x 1200 HD display and is just beautifully crafted to make your life easier.

Real World Uses For the Lenovo ThinkPad 8

There are endless tech sites that will go over every spec and feature of the ThinkPad 8 in painstaking detail.  Here at Dad Does we like to focus on how a product can make a parent’s life easier, better or more fun in some way.  With this in mind, please watch our video review of how Moms and Dads can use the ThinkPad 8 tablet in real world settings…

If You Live In The Windows World and Need a Tablet, Buy The ThinkPad 8

Simply put, if you are looking for a Windows tablet, you need to buy the ThinkPad 8.  We normally are not this definitely, but the combination of technology, features, design and most importantly – just working flawless in the real world, all point to the ThinkPad 8 as the best Windows based tablet on the market.

We don’t want to get too deep into every spec on the ThinkPad 8, but here are the key features we believe make it stand out from the crowd –

  • Beautiful 1920 x 1200 HD Screen
  • Intel Quad Core Processor
  • 64 GB of Storage
  • Runs Windows 8.1 Pro
  • 1080P HD Front and Rear Facing Cameras
  • Quickshot Case
  • WiDi Support
  • USB 3.0, Micro HDMI and Micro SD Card Slot
  • Weights just .89 pounds

You can head over to the Lenovo site to read all the specs.

What If You Just A Need A Tablet?

If you are just in the market for a tablet, and Windows compatibility is not a primary concern, things do get a little more complicated.  If your primary use of the tablet is to consume information – visit web sites, check email, go on social media, share photos and watch movies – you may want to go with an iOS or Android based tablet.

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 is an 8″ Android based tablet that sells for about $219 (the ThinkPad 8 is $399).  We have reviewed the Lenovo Yoga Tablet and think it is excellent for consuming information.   You get access to the whole world of Android apps and it is very easy to use and has an incredible 18 hour battery life. What you are losing with the Yoga Tablet is access to the Windows 8 Ecosystem,  Quad Core Processing and the HD screen of the ThinkPad 8, among other things.

The other possibility is an Apple iPad Mini, which as we show in the video is very close in size.  For ease of use and wealth of apps, the iPad is a clear winner.  If there are apps you need that are exclusive to the iOS world, then that is a reason to go with the iPad Mini.  The major problem we have with an iPad is the price and lack of expansion.  A 64GB iPad Mini sells for $599 and you do not have an SD card slot, so you can not expand it.  The ThinkPad 8 is $399, has 64GB of storage and has a MicroSD card slot so you can expand up to 128GB.

When it comes to picking a tablet, and operating system is not a primary concern, your decision comes down to what features will be of most importance to you.  If price is a primary concern, you will probably want to go with a less expensive Android tablet like the Lenovo Yoga Tablet.  If long battery life is very important, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet is your tablet.  If having a full HD tablet that can function as a computer and has an almost flawless design and functionality is important to you, spend the extra money and get the ThinkPad 8.

ThinkPad 8

If You Get The ThinkPad 8, You Must Get The QuickShot Cover

The ThinkPad 8 tablet is a technical marvel, but the feature that will probably most impress you and your friends is the QuickShot cover.  As we show in the video, simply bend down the corner and the tablet turns on and goes right to photo mode.  Simple, easy and incredibly useful.  While the QuickShot cover is drop dead easy to use, an incredible amount of thought and design went into it.  Here is a great article on how the QuickShot cover came to life.  I believe this really speaks to the value of the ThinkPad 8, every element of it was designed to provide an incredible user experience.

The cover is sold separately, but it is basically a requirement if you buy the ThinkPad 8.  If you don’t buy the cover, it would be like having cookies and no milk, and we all know what an injustice that is.

Conclusion: The ThinkPad 8 Is The Perfect Tablet to Consume and Create Information

If you need a Windows tablet your life just got easier – forget the competition and get the ThinkPad 8.  If you are in the market for a tablet and OS is not your primary concern, then you have some decisions to make.  If you are looking to just consume information and price is a concern, you may want to got with a less expensive Android tablet.

The ThinkPad 8, running Windows 8.1 Pro is really part computer, part tablet and totally well designed.  If you want to create, edit and do more traditional computer tasks on your tablet, while looking at a beautiful screen – the ThinkPad 8 is your tablet.

More Information:

Visit Lenovo To Learn More About the ThinkPad 8 ($399)

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