Parents, If This Lenovo Video Gets Out, We Are All Doomed!

Scream Parent

This is bad, really bad.  Moms and Dads, we need to unite and make sure this Lenovo spill test video is never seen by our kids.  After all, our kids trust us, they tend to believe we know what we are talking about.  Sure, when they become teenagers they will look at us as completely uncool, clueless dinosaurs who wouldn’t understand a thing about technology, but for now, our young kids still believe we know a thing or two.

Hide the Kids, And View Our New Enemy

Are the kids safely away?  Okay, then take a look at this blasphemous video Lenovo is trying to peddle…

What?  Spilling Liquids On Electronics Is Totally Cool???

For years we have tried to instill in our kids that milk, juice, ice cream…basically anything that takes a liquid form…just does not mix with electronics.  We have rules – no drinks by the computer, no using the keyboard as a cup holder and no using the keyboard in place of a paper towel to clean up a milk mess.

Do you know why these rules work?  Because we have convinced the kids of the dire consequences that happen if you mix milk and laptops.  That’s right – no more Minecraft.   The computer breaks, they may get electrocuted…but even if they survive the electrocution, they won’t have a computer to watch Netflix on, so what is the point?

Try Explaining to Kids That ThinkPad is An Exception

Sure most laptops will still break if you spill liquids on them.  The ThinkPad line is the exception to the rule.  ThinkPads are made to withstand spills, other laptops are not.  All factually true, but try explaining that to a kid if they see the above video.  No, once the above video gets into the hands of kids, it is going to be shower time for keyboards across the world.  More importantly, our street creed as a knowledgable Dad or Mom is out the window.  They are going to think we lied about liquids and laptops not mixing, so what else did we lie about?

Maybe crossing the street without looking both ways isn’t so dangerous?  Perhaps this whole brushing the teeth thing to prevent cavities is just another lie?  Just maybe the cat does like being picked up by his tail and those squeals are squeals of joy?

Moms ands Dads It Is Time To Take Action

Clearly our entire credibility as parents is at stake here.  If kids see this Lenovo ThinkPad video, it just starts a slippery slope of questioning everything we have taught them.  We need to do what we do best as parents…come up with a creative lie.   Here is what I got…

Dad: Son, please don’t drink by the laptop, you know a spill could break it.

Son: No it won’t, I just saw a video that shows it is totally cool to spill things all over your laptop.

Dad: Yes, but you didn’t see what happened after the video ended.  Turns out a Creeper came busting out of that soaking wet laptop, steals all the candy and sweets, kidnaps Santa and brings him back to a horrible Minecraft world.  Now, slowly put the drink down and no one gets hurt.

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