Let’s Support Companies That Do The Right Thing…When No One Is Watching

Spotlight On Good

We live in cynical times…and often for good reason.  Cool looking inventions turn out to be fake (we are looking at you fake hoverboard),  In fact, the hoaxes online have gotten so bad that The Washington Post now runs a weekly column to debunk all the hoaxes and stunts that go on each week.  We now run the danger of developing a culture where no one believes anything is genuine.

Even when companies launch a campaign to help charities and do good, people are often skeptical that it is just a publicity stunt and the companies don’t have the best interests of the charity in mind.  So, how can you find the companies that truly want to do good?  Where do you find the companies that have social good and the desire to help others built right into their DNA?  You simply look for companies that do good when no one is watching.

Doing Good For the Sake of Helping Others

On 3/19/14 Monte, a local radio DJ, will be doing his Cancer Connection Campout.  This is a totally awesome event to raise money for the Cancer Connection, a totally awesome organization.  We will be writing much more about this next week, but for now I want to give you some behind the scenes insight.

To help out with the Fundraiser, we thought it would be cool if Monte had some awesome toys to giveaway to people who donated.  We sent a few emails to our contacts at some toy companies and asked of they could donate anything for the cause.  As this is a local event, we were not promising exposure or some promise of views, simply asking if they wanted to help…for the simple sake of helping.

Here is the heart warming part, the part that will make you be less cynical…at least for a few days…ever company we contacted said yes.   No conditions, no contracts, no promises…simply companies doing good, for no other reason than to help out.  I also want to be clear, the companies had no idea we would be writing this post – but we just felt we should share their good deeds.

The Companies That Do Good For Goodness Sake

Below are the companies that donated toys for the Cancer Connection Campout.  Remember, all the companies we asked said yes, so there is no “bad list”.  I am sure many more companies would have participated if we asked them, so this is clearly not meant as a complete list of companies that Do Good.  We simply want to shine the spotlight on a few companies who did Good for this event…

Interactive Toy Concepts

If you like things that fly, drive and spy…you will love Interactive Toy Concepts.  We have reviewed many of their RC Helicopters, Cars and Quadcopters.  Some of their super fun toys include the Wi-Spi Helicopter, Heli-Quad 2.4 and Launch and Load Duck Hunter.  Not only do they make super fun toys, they clearly have a desire to help out and do good.

Spin Master

Spin Master is a very large company with numerous brands in the toy industry.  Often when we think of large companies we think of maximizing profits and being too big to focus on little things.  Thankfully, Spin Master proves large companies can still have large hearts.  They immediately provided us with toys for the event, just to help out a good cause.

Spin Master makes a vast collection of toys, including all the super cool stuff form Air Hogs.  We have reviewed endless Air Hogs toys including the Air Hogs Helix X4 and HyperTrax – incredibly fun.   They also make Zoomer, the interactive dog and Toy Of The Year Award winner.  Spin Master makes a huge selection of toys, but they also find time to help out great causes.

Zing Toys

Rockets that go 100 feet in the air.  Darts that fly over 125 feet.  Most amazing of all – this all happens with no batteries!  Zing Toys makes all types of super fun outdoor toys.  Crossbows, rockets, darts…I have yet to meet a kid who does not smile when playing with Zing Toys.  Check out our review of the Zoom Rocketz to see how fun their stuff is.  Now we know that Zing knows how to Do Good in addition to Doing Fun!

Hog Wild Toys

Squeeze a cat and a ball goes flying out of his mouth…how could you not love Hog Wild Toys?  Take a look at this video where they unleash their poppers on our camera at Toy Fair – pure, clean fun!  Thanks to their donations, people will be having fun at the Cancer Connection Campout, while we encourage them to donate.  If they don’t donate?  We shot them with a Pig Popper :)

EB Brands

How do you draw a crowd to a charity event?   By having Iron Man fly overhead!  Thanks to the donation of an RC Extreme Hero Iron Man from EB Brands, we will have a 20″ Iron Man flying over the event.  EB Brands makes a number of cool toys and products, for kids and adults.  We are thankful to EB Brands for providing protection for our event.  No one is going to mess with us with Iron Man in the house!

Let’s Support Companies That Do Good, So More Good Gets Done!

Here at Dad Does we focus on product reviews.  We normally are looking at a specific products and reviewing the merits of the product, with less focus on the company behind the product.   Making fun toys is great, but running a company that gives back and does social good – that is awesome!  Let’s applaud and support companies that do good, so more companies will follow their lead.

Doing Good is not just for companies!  Stay tuned on 3/19/14 as we tell you how you can donate and help out with the Cancer Connection Campout.  Who knows, maybe you will walk away with an awesome toy as well.

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