Review: Flutterbye Surprise Butterfly Diary, A Diary A Dad Could Love

Flutterbye Diary

Flutterbye Diary

I am incredibly blessed to be the father of two incredible boys.  In addition to having the two greatest boys in the world, I also get the bonus of playing with their toys.   How can you not have fun flying, crashing and smashing stuff?  Sometimes I wonder, if I had girls, would I be able to have fun playing with more traditional “girl toys.”  Sure my nieces like playing with diaries, but where is the fun in that?  It turns out, if it happens to be the Flutterbye Surprise Butterfly Diary, there is plenty of fun…even for short attention span Dads like me!

The Diary With A Surprise

Normally when you hear “diary” and “surprise” in the same sentence you start thinking about a deep hidden mystery that the author has released from her tortured soul onto the pages of the diary.  Or maybe that is my own sick, twisted mind at work.  In any case, that is not the surprise we are talking about with the Flutterbye Diary.  No, to see the surprise, please watch our video review –

A Hidden Flying Butterfly Fairy, You Had Me At Hidden

Come on Dads, you have to admit that is pretty cool.  Yes, you get the marker, the cool note pad, the nicely designed diary…but then open the other side and a butterfly fairy comes flying out.  How can you not like that?  Even the press material makes this diary sound cool –

“The Flutterbye Surprise Butterfly Diary is full of enchanted secrets waiting to be discovered! Open its pages to reveal a delicate butterfly that gracefully flies across the room.. Open the secret compartment to reveal your very own journal where you can share thoughts, dreams and magical wishes.”

Dreams, magically, enchanted???  This diary clearly has it all.  Funny, I used to think a diary was just someplace your wrote down your thoughts.

A Fun Twist On the Standard Diary

The Flutterbye Surprise Butterfly Diary provides a fun twist on what is normally a straight forward arts and craft thing.  No batteries (even comes with replacement rubber bands), nothing to charge, but you still get the fun payoff of a butterfly flying around your room.  At a suggested retail of under $15, the Flutterbye Surprise Butterfly Diary is surprisingly fun and affordable!

More Information:

Visit Spin Master to Learn More About the Flutterbye Surprise Butterfly Diary.  Ages 5+, $14.99

Purchase the Flutterbye Surprise Butterfly Diary At Toys R Us

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