Lum Lums Light Up Dolls, Are You Ready For The Magical Power of Friendship?

Lum Lums

Lum Lums

We love tech.  We love toys.  We however, are not big fans of adding tech to toys when there is no real increase in play value and it just makes the toy more complicated and frustrating.  When we heard about Lum Lums from Imperial Toys, pocket sized toys that light up when you hold hands, we were concerned this would just be tech for the “wow factor.”  It turns out we were completely wrong!

Lum Lums add some simple tech to dolls that makes them more fun and conveys a wonderful message about friendship.  Take a look at our video review of the Lum Lums Dolls –

Lum Lums Bring Light to The Pocket Sized Doll Market

The video pretty much shows it all.  Lum Lums come with the basic doll accessories, so you can change their outfit and look, but the real standout feature is the ability for the Lum Lums dolls to light up.  As a parent, I appreciated the back story behind the Lum Lums and the idea that when you have a circle of friendship, magical things can happen.

As if light up dolls were not enough to get girls excited, each Lum Lum comes with a pet NuNu.  Touch a Lum Lum and NuNu together and the NuNu lights up.  Again, nothing super sophisticated, no apps, nothing to recharge or plug in, not even an on and off switch.  Girls simply touch the dolls together, hold hands and see their Lum Lums and NuNus light up!

Each Lum Lum Has Her Own Story

Of course there are multiple Lum Lums, playsets and accessories you can buy.  Here is a quick run down on the four Lum Lums currently available –

  • Floressa – Her amazing flower creations are the highlight at every garden party
  • Trindi – She is a fabulous fashionista with designs that dominate the runway
  • Yummie – Her pastry creations are always the talk of the town
  • Valerina – Her dancing will always steal the show

You can also buy additional play sets and even create your own Lumination Village.

Lum Lums Provide a Fun Twist on The Pocket Sized Doll

If you have young girls who are into dolls, they will certainly get a kick out of the Lum Lums.  At about $16 for a doll, pet and accessories, the price is reasonable.  We can see the Lum Lums being a hit at slumber parties as they look very cool in the dark.  As a parent, I like the message of the importance of working together and making a circle of friends to see magical things happen.  Now that I think about it, I think I know a few adults who could also benefit from the positive message of Lum Lums :)

More Information:

Learn More About Lum Lums From Imperial Toys.  Ages 4+, $15.99 and up

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