Mikey for Flip, Because Our Kids Don’t Just Look Cute, They Sound Cute!

Mikey for Flip - External Microphone

Mikey for Flip - External Microphone

The Flip video camera is famous for making video cameras so easy to use – that 5 year old kids have a much easier time training their Moms and Dads on how to use it.   Countless precious moments, like our babies first steps, and her first smile have been captured because we could actually get the camera on and recording before the moment passed.

If Your Kids Never Talk, the Flip is Perfect

Capturing decent looking video with the Flip is push button easy, so it has been a huge hit with parents.  The problem is that our kids tend to talk, squeak and laugh –  and let’s just say that audio is not the strong point of the Flip.  The little built-in mic on the Flip and similar cameras from Kodak, just don’t do a great job picking up the amazingly cute and adorable sounds of our kids.

Mikey For Flip To The Rescue?  We’ll Let You Know after the Consumer Electronics Show

As we prepare to head out to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January, we have been looking for great products to review for our Dads and Moms.  So, when we caught wind that the Mikey for Flip was launching at CES 2011 – we were intrigued.

Here is the description of the Mikey for Flip from Blue Microphones (the manufacturer)…

“Mikey for Flip is the simple way to enhance the sound of your recordings and expand the abilities of your Flip camera. Whether you’re recording a sporting event, a rock concert, or a child’s first words, the high quality stereo microphones and advanced circuitry inside Mikey will make the soundtrack of your Flip video clips more exciting, enjoyable, and professional. Simply plug the Mikey into your camera’s FlipPort™ connector and press record to enjoy the studio-quality sound that Blue Microphones is renowned for.”

In addition to the plug-in high quality microphone, the Mikey for Flip also adds an external microphone jack to the Flip which is a tremendous feature in owns right.  Something that snaps onto the Flip and makes all our precious moments sound better?  Sounds (terrible pun intended) like something Dads could get vocal (really poor pun also intended, but now regretted) about!

This is Not a Review, Repeat This is Not a Review

As regular readers to Dad Does know – we hate reviews that are based on a press release. If you want to read more on our philosophy on product reviews, take a look at our Real, Relevant and Riveting Product Review Pledge and How Dad Does Reviews are Different.

For now, file the Mikey for Flip under, “Potential Cool New Thing for Dads that We Will Check Out at CES”.  Wow, that is so catchy, we should put that on T-Shirts!

For More Information on the Mikey for Flip:

Blue Microphones Announces Mikey for FLIP

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