Review: PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit, As Cool As It Sounds?

PowerUp 2.0

PowerUp 2.0

How did I ever survive my childhood?  Things were so bad when I was a kid that when we made paper airplanes we actually had to rely on the wind to make them fly.  Sometimes I wonder how I managed to make if out of the ‘hood, when things were so dire.

Luckily, my kids will not face the same bleak existence I had to endure.  Thanks to the PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit now every paper airplane can have a motor and propellor.   After an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaing, the PowerUp 2.0 is now available to the public.  Does it work?  That is why we got our hands on one to do a real world review of the PowerUp 2.0 –

The PowerUp 2.0 Can’t Save Poor Paper Folding Skills

The fun level of the PowerUp 2.0 will depend on your kid’s expectations.  You can not just attach the propellor to any paper airplane and expect it to instantly fly toward the sky for 30 seconds.  You need to fold a well balanced paper airplane.  You need to test the paper airplane and make sure it flies true.  You then need to attach the PowerUp 2.0, do a throw and then probably make some more adjustments.

If your kids like the idea of learning about lift and aerodynamics, they will love being able to experiment with the PowerUp 2.0 and trying different techniques to maximize flight time.  It is very satisfying when you fold your own plane, get everything right and then watch it soar up into the air.  On the other hand, if your kid wants a motorized plane that can fly great right out of the box, you would probably do better with a pre-built plane that includes a motor.

Quick Charge Time and Easy to Replace Planes

As our regular readers know, the major problem we always have with RC planes is that you don’t get much flight time before you need to spend 30-60 minutes recharging them.  The PowerUp 2.0 takes just seconds to charge and then you are ready to fly.  This means you can bring the PowerUp 2.0 to the park and spend the day flying planes…not recharging planes.  The manual states you will get at least 50 charges from a set of 3 AA batteries in the charger.

The other fun killer with RC planes is that if they break, you need to fix them or order replacement parts.  With the PowerUp 2.0 if you bend the wing of your plane…just fold a new one!  It is also cool trying different paper airplane designs and seeing which one flies the best.  Of course with a paper airplane you can draw on it, personalize it and make it your own dream flying machine!

At $17, The Price Is Right!

The PowerUp 2.0 sells for about $17, which is very reasonable.  No, you don’t get a remote control or the ability to steer the plane once it leaves your hand, but you do get the thrill of watching your paper airplane soar higher than ever before. If you are into remote controls, keep an eye out for the PowerUp 3.0 which will be available toward the end of 2014 and adds the ability to control your paper airplane from an app.

Now I just wonder how long before someone invents a motorized spitball.

More Information:

The PowerUp 2.0 from Tailor Toys sells for $16.95

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