Beyond Rainbows and Unicorns: 5 Cool Toy Fair Toys Aimed at the Girls


Toy Fair 2014

By Noelle, Librarian Extraordinaire

There are countless toys at Toy Fair. There are even more countless toys that come in shades of pink and purple, covered in flowers and rainbows and glitter, that we are lead to believe that little girls yearn and beg their parents for. When you have that many choices, how do you pick any that stand out?

I took on the task of traipsing the aisles of Toy Fair on a search for some cool toys the young girls in your life might actually want.



GoldieBlox. If you don’t know about GoldieBlox, you can read about my Girl-centric Toy Fair highlights last year to get a taste. Or you can watch this ad, which aired during the SuperBowl. Yes, GoldieBlox ran a kickstarter and within two years, are showing cool SuperBowl commericals. It’s an incredible story. Everyone is behind them. The short story is that they are engineering toys geared towards girls. They have little books with a plotline attached to why we need to build this simple machine, and then pastel colored boards and building bits and little character figures. Last year, all GoldieBlox was ready to ship was their Spinning Machine. This year they are offering a Parade Float and a Dunk Tank. You can’t really go wrong with this toy, that dads and machine-minded moms will also love to help with. Add to all of that some Toy of the Year awards, and GoldieBlox are truly…golden.

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A couple of years back, I looked at the excellent Loopdedoo, a simple machine of sorts that helped a child make really cool woven bracelets. Now the company has expanded out with Craft-Tastic. The Craft-tastic line includes kits like String Art, Finger Crochet, Pom Poms and Paper Bowls.



Each kit contains high end materials and fantastic creative ideas. The paper bowls were particularly stunning. While there are plenty of other craft kits, these are superior in quality and crafty girls will be thrilled.

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Crayola’s My Virtual Fashion Show. This was one of my favorites. Included is a book. Each double page spread includes the front and back of an uncolored model wearing every type of fashion, from shorts and shirts to dresses. You can color in the dress however you like. Then, download the free app. Aim your phone or tablet over the 3 points on the page and it will automatically snap a photo when the points all line up in the boxes. Do the same for the backside of the fashion and then have fun customizing the model, including changing hair, face, skin tone, shoes and accessories. Click go and suddenly your model, wearing your fashion, will stride out onto a runaway, showing off your work. Cool and simple.

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Tolo Teatime Shape Sorter. This toy is for the youngest of girls or boys. On the surface, it is a shape sorter wearing the skin of a tea pot. But cleverly, the shapes are also actually tea CUPS, whether they are square or circles or star shapes. Tolo goes one step further and includes a plastic carafe that can be inserted into the center of the pot, creating an actual tea pot that can pour drinks when it is lined up. Children can shape sort to their heart’s content, and then make themselves a pot of “tea” to share with their friends for a tea party with uniquely shaped cups. A real winner.

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And lest you think I left out the unicorns and rainbows, we can’t forget Breyer. Their big hit is the Color Change Surprise Pony, a horse that you can take into the bath with you. The horse is a good size, in purple or pink, with silken mane and tail. The added extra is that she will change color when she enters the water, ensuring an element of surprise. Horse lovers unite!

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There are plenty more pink and purple and doll-friendly toys to be had at the Toy Fair, but these were my favorite choices for girls in 2014.

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