Feast Your Eyes On More Super Fun Toys From Toy Fair 2014

Toy Fair 2014

Toy Fair 2014

Last week we posted a video recap of some of the cool toys we saw on display at Toy Fair 2014.   As it has now been nearly a week since that post, the world is clearly ready for a sequel!  Here we provide more videos of some of the cooler toys we saw being demoed at Toy Fair 2014.  Of course most of these toys are still in prototype form, so only time will tell if they translate into winners for our precious little kids.  Once the finished toys start to hit the market we will of course do full reviews of the toys because, really, who wouldn’t want to play with toys all day?

Enough words, onto the videos of toys…

Razor Crazy Cart -

Battroborg Warriors -

X6 Zoom Rocket By Zing -

SpruKits by Bandai -

Power Rangers Zord Builder Collection -

Let’s Imagine Elmo by Hasbro -

BeyWarriors Beyraiderz -

Nerf TekStrike Storm Shield -

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair -

Imaginext RC Transforming Batman Bat Bot -

Switch and Go Dinos Turbo -

RC Hot Air Balloon -

TX Juice RC Toy Line -

Think We Are Done?  We’ll Never Be Done!

Between this post and the last toy fair video recap post, we have already posted 37 videos of fun new toys coming in 2014.  Why stop at 37?  37 is an odd number and we never like to end things on an odd note, so more videos are on the way.  Of course, you can always head over to our YouTube Channel and check out our Toy Fair 2014 Coverage Playlist if you just can’t wait to see more toys!

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