Toy Fair 2014 Coverage, Just Like Being There…Without the $5 Sodas

Toy Fair 2014

Toy Fair 2014

Toy Fair 2014 in New York City was a great event…except for the food and drinks.  Look, I know soda is bad for me and is rotting away my teeth, filling my body with empty calories and somehow responsible for global warming.  So I feel bad enough when I enjoy my sweet, caffeine laced treat – but to pay $5 for my evil swill??  That is just some crazy Javits Center cruelty.  Don’t get me started on the $5 slice of pizza…

Enjoy Toy Fair, Without The Over Priced Drinks and Food

Through the magic of video, now you can experience the thrill of seeing new Toys at Toy Fair, without having to take out a second mortgage to buy a soda to keep you awake.  Yes, below are some quick videos from our time at Toy Fair – with much more still to come.  If you want to keep up with all the Toy Fair videos, please watch our Toy Fair 2014 Playlist.

Let’s jump into the fun…

Can You Shoot My Camera With That Thing

This is by far our favorite thing about Toy Fair.  We walk from booth to booth asking companies to shoot our camera with their toy.  Does life get any better than this?

Petron Blasts Our Camera With Darts -

Hog Wild Goes Hog Wild Shooting Our Camera With Poppers -

Nerf Believes The Zombie Onslaught Is Imminent

To help you prepare you have the Nerf Zombie Strike Sling Fire Blaster

The Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow -

Even if you survive the Zombies, you may still have siblings that you need to fight off…

The Nerf Mega Line of Blasters for 2014 -

Nerf N-Strike Elite Nerf Cam ECS-12 Blaster -

Nerf N-Strike Elite 2-In-1 Demolisher Blaster -

Nerf Super Soaker Tri-Strike Crossbow -

Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Line for 2014 -

Trucks, Helicopters, Dinos and More!

Max Tow Truck from Jakks Pacific -

Air Hogs Rollercopter -

Boomer Dino From Spin Master -

SuperNova Battle Rover by Imaginext -

VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch -

Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Command Toys -

Skylanders Wave 4, New Skylanders Are Coming…

Noomie By WowWee Toys -

ElektroKidz by WowWee Toys -

Yes, There Was Plenty of Trasnsformers Stuff

Transformers, Robots In Disguie -

Transformers Battle Masters -

All The Popular Toys Have New Additions

My Little Pony, Rainbow Rocks -

Simon Slide -

My Monopoly -

Furreal Friends -

Stay Tuned, Many More Videos To Come -

We are still editing away and have plenty more cool toy videos to share.  Please check back soon for new Toy videos or follow our Toy Fair 2014 Playlist on YouTube.   We hope you got to enjoy theses videos even without a $5 Soda!

UPDATE: New, Part 2 Of Our Toy Fair Videos Is Now Live.  Click Here.

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