The Max Tow Truck AKA A Babysitter’s Worst Nightmare

by nessel on February 19, 2014

Max Tow Truck

UPDATE 10/15/14: We Have A More Current, Full Hands-On Review of the Max Tow Truck Right Here!

Babysitters of the world, you might want to ask for hazard pay if the kid you are babysitting has the Max Tow Truck from Jakks Pacific.  Imagine the horror of sitting down to watch TV when next thing you know you are being pulled into the bathroom by what looks like a little toy truck.   The Max Tow Truck may not look like much, but based on what we saw at Toy Fair, it can push or pull over 150 pounds.

Take A Look At This Video Of the Max Tow Truck From Jakks Pacific -

I Can Only Imagine What Kids Will Try To Push And Pull

The Max Tow Truck is due out in the Fall of 2014, so kids that gives you a few months to figure out what mischief you could get into with this toy.  According to the information from Jakks Pacific this little beast will be able to easily climb over object and push or pull up to 200 pounds.

Got a younger sibling who just doesn’t give you the personal space you deserve as the big brother?  Lasso him up to the Max Tow Truck and pull him on out to his own zip code.  The dog not responding to the “come here” command?  Leash Grover up to the Max Tow Truck and he will move to where ever you want him.

The only hope for babysitters, younger siblings and pets?  The slew of D batteries that the Max Tow Truck runs on will die before it pulled you into the bathtub.  Available Fall 2014, Age 4+, $59.99 from Jakks Pacific

More Toy Fair 2014 Coverage On The Way

We are busy going through all the information we gathered in our forced mach down every aisle of the International Toy Fair in NYC.  We were buzzed by drones, attacked by robots and forced to hug an unknown mascot, but we continued on – just to find you the best new toys for 2014.  More coverage coming soon and please take a look at our Toy Fair 2014 YouTube Playlist to see some of our favorite toys from Toy Fair.

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  • Mary

    Um. The purpose to provide little ones with the power to pull items that weigh 150 lbs. …. Help with the landscaping /snow removal ?

  • jtrenthacker

    Are you kidding? Kids could have fun pulling all types of things. Tie it to a wagon and get pulled up and down the driveway. I may get my boy (myself) one.

  • clanggedin

    Screw getting this for my kids. I’m getting one for myself.

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  • nicholesmith

    Anyone know how fast it goes? I know its built for pulling not racing but what about when its not towing anything, do all those d batteries give it some speed or just weigh it down?


    Max Tow Truck toy is one of the hottest toys for this holiday. If you need help finding Max Tow Truck, check out our tracker below:

    Thanks DadDoes!!!


    Piece of junk, it does not freewheel at all. If the batteries die, and
    they will pretty soon then all you have is a large piece of plastic that
    you cannot do anything with. If your kid tries to push or pull it, the
    tires just drag on the ground. When it is running and working it will
    tow my 65 lb grandson on a 20 lb package dolly. On level flat concrete

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