Please Tell Me This Product Is Not Real…



Has it really come to this?  Are college students now so lazy that the idea of washing their sheets, after they have soiled them, really too much of an effort?  Is the solution to spilling beer in your bed, ripping off a layer of your sheets and throwing it away?  Is peel away underwear next?

Here, look at this pitch for AFreSheet Just peel off the ew! And sleep on the new! -

We Applaud Inventors, But Is This Necessary?

Oh man do we love and admire inventors.  A whacky product that makes washing dishes easier?  Yep, we were all over it.  iPhone cases that open beers?  Of course.  A way to play frisbee without your beer ever touching the ground – yes indeed!  But this?  Peel off the ew and sleep on the new???  This is a new SNL skit, right?

If you think we are crazy and want in on the ground level of this amazing idea, you can fund them on their Indiegogo Campaign.

Good Products Solve Problems…

We all know that the best products solve problems.  The Indiegogo campaign accurately states the problem “Everyday particles of dirt from sweat to dead skin and hair, as well as bedbugs and dust mites, among other creatures, reside in your sheets. Even showering or wearing clean sleepwear doesn’t negate all the dirt that accumulates on your sheet!”  Got it – sheets get dirty and that is a problem – with you so far.

While the average person may believe the solution to the dirty sheet problem is to wash them, the AfreSheet folks explain why this makes no sense.  If you wash your own sheets, “It is expensive and time consuming and you have to wrestle the sheet back onto your bed. Your bed is ‘naked’ this whole time and can’t be used until you do the laundry.”

Thinking about using an outside service to clean your sheets?  What a horrible idea… “Use An Outside Service – You have to change your sheets, pull them off, find a clean spare and hassle with making the bed.”

Holy Crap, Are College Students Really This Lazy?

Wrestle the sheet back on the bed, pull them off, hassle with making the bed…has it gotten this bad?  Are we at a point where pulling sheets off a bed is just too much exertion for college students?

Help me out folks – am I missing something here?  Is this a great idea that I’m just not getting.  Have I finally become that Dad who is too old to understand the needs and concerns of college kids who just can’t be bothered with changing sheets?

Oh, and if you do invest in the Indiegogo campaign and this becomes huge, just remember you heard it here first :)

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