Review: Alloy Falcon 802 RC Helicopter, Things Just Got Big!

Alloy Falcon 802

Alloy Falcon 802

We have reviewed all types of RC flying toys at Dad Does.  Helicopters, Quadcopters, Planes, Orbs, UFOs – you name it, we have reviewed it.  So, why would we even bother reviewing the Alloy Falcon 802 RC Helicopter?  This RC Helicopter does not have a camera, doesn’t do flips and can’t see in the dark.  So what is the big deal with the Alloy Falcon 802?  It’s freakin’ huge – that is the big deal!

The Alloy Falcon 802 Is A Helicopter You Will Not Lose

At 27.5″ long and 11″ high, the Alloy Falcon 802 is the biggest RC Helicopter we have reviewed.  No fear of losing this bad boy in the sky – its size makes it easy to spot and the weight makes it stable enough to fly even in moderate winds.  If you like your RC toys big, you will love the Alloy Falcon 802.

Please watch our video review of the Alloy Falcon 802 -

With Great Size Comes Great Recharging Times

As the video shows, the Alloy Falcon 802 is very easy to fly and incredibly stable.  The one major drawback is that due to the size and weight of the helicopter, it can take a few hours to recharge the battery.   We were only getting about 15 minutes of fly time before we needed to recharge, but that may be effected by the outdoor temperature and how aggressively you are flying the helicopter.

The Full Specs on the Alloy Falcon 802

Here are the full specs on the Alloy Falcon 802 Electric Helicopter –

  • Electric Powered (Rechargeable)
  • Huge Scale, Measures in at Over 2 Feet Long! (27.5″)
  • 3.5 Channel Directional Radio Controls
  • Built In Gyroscope (GYRO) for Precise and Stable Flying
  • Optimized for Outdoor Flight
  • Comes with an Integrated High Performance Lithium Battery for Longer Flight Times
  • Charges Via Included Wall Charger
  • High Strength, Full Metal Alloy Chassis Frame for Maximum Durability
  • Colorful, High Impact Polymer Body Shell
  • Working Ultra Bright LED Head Light
  • Coaxial Rotor Design with Balancing Bar for a Stable, Smooth Ride
  • Comes with Spare Rotor Blades
  • Remote Control requires 6 AA Batteries to run (not included)
  • Length: 27.5″, Wingspan: 20″, Height: 11″

If You Want a Deal, Go to AirSoftRC.Com

In addition to reviewing the Alloy Falcon 802, we were also reviewing our experience with AirSoftRC.Com.  AirSoft RC supplied the helicopter for us and our experience with the company was nothing but positive.  The prices on the site are incredibly low – $44.95 for the Alloy Falcon, when it has a list price os $121.95!  As you look over their wide selection of RC Toys, you see that most items are discounted over 45% off retail.

In addition to the price breaks, we also love their 60 day warranty and their fast shipping.  Over the course of the next few months we will continue to test out AirSoftRC.Com, but for now we are very impressed.

More Information:

Alloy Falcon 802 RC Helicopter, Sells for $44.95 at AirSoftRC.Com

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