Man Caves, Pinterest And My Cat Is An Evil Genius

Man Cave

I think someone switched my Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch this morning with a truth serum.  What?  You are more disturbed that a grown man eats Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch than the fact that Ninjas broke into my house and slipped me truth serum?   Guys, stay focused on the issue at hand here and besides, when a seafaring Captain can manage to get his eyebrows to jump up onto his hat, well he has earned my lifelong commitment to his delicious morning grub.

Back on topic, I first suspected Ninjas, then my kids in the old switch-a-ro, but now that my cat has passed me this note…

Cat Note

he is moving to the top of truth serum suspect list! In any case, due to this truth serum I must now admit two horrible things…

I Don’t Get Pinterest And I Want A Man Cave

Yeah I know Pinterest is incredibly popular and we do have some poorly maintained Pinterest Boards, but I have never really gotten it.  Never got the thrill from looking at food, recipes or beautiful places I was not living in.

On the Man Cave thing, without the truth serum, I try to act all cool and I am a “modern day man” and don’t need some silly cave to watch football in.  Then I found out a Man Cave does not need to be an actual cave (I have a fear of bats) and I was like – time to go to Amazon Prime and order me up a Man Cave (time saving tip – Amazon does not sell Man Caves…yet).

Was That Truth Serum Actually Grain Alcohol?

No!  I’m not drunk and the Pinterest and Man Cave thing actually do tie together.  So, a friend (who I would mention but I highly doubt she would want her name anywhere associated with this bizarre post) showed me this –

Man Caves

It is a complete Pinterest like photo board from Cath Sherman’s Zillow Digs….OF MAN CAVES!  I do get it now Sam I Am, I do Like Photo Boards and Man Caves and I will eat them in a boat…

You still here?  You really should go check out Man Caves photo boards, some very cool stuff and much better than photos of foods and bridesmaid dresses!  Of course, Pinterest has Man Cave boards as well…yes, I am starting to understand the thrill of this Pinterest thing now.

Buy This Man Cave and Get a House For Free

There is even more Man Cave awesomeness on this Zillow Blog post.  Man Caves with TVs, video games, bars – everything you need to have a complete and fulfilling life (you may want to add love, a family and doing good to that mix as well for some extra omph).  I want this one –

Man Cave

and it looks like you can buy the Man Cave for a mere $1.45 million and they throw the rest of the house in for free!

Man Cave Or Not, Enjoy Your Super Bowl Weekend

Okay, truth serum starting to wear off, which is great because I was about to start talking about my real favorite TV shows.  Man Cave or no Man Cave we hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the Super Bowl!

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