Air Hogs HYPERTRAX Review, Kids, Don’t Let Rocks and Walls Stop Your Fun

Air Hogs HyperTrax

Air Hogs HyperTrax

Normally when you drive a remote control car into a wall, the fun ends.  Same holds true when you crash into a tree, or a rock, or a cat.  Thankfully, all the above obstacles (sorry cats of the world) are no longer a fun killer when you have the Air Hogs HYPERTRAX RC Vehicle.  The HyperTrax is a remote control vehicle that has deep treads for driving over almost anything it encounters and if it can’t get over it, it just flips over and drives the other way.  Yep, the Hypertrax can drive with either side up.

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Bring Us Your Dirt, Your Rocks and Your Uneven Terrain

Some RC toys are precise machines that require careful control, delicate adjustments and a good amount of patient.  The Air Hogs HYPERTRAX is NOT one of those toys!  HYPERTRAX is easy to drive, fun to play with and will have you looking at rocks and sticks in a whole new way.  No longer will you be looking for a clean, smooth place to drive your car, with HYPERTRAX you will search out obstacles to increase the fun.

The moment you put the HYPERTRAX on the ground for the first time and start to drive it, you know exactly what this toy is all about.  You just look around and try to find trees, rocks, stairs, bumps, lumps – anything to drive over.   There is a trim control on the remote, but I have no idea why you would use it.  You don’t really care if you are going perfectly straight – you’re not trying to stay on a path – you want to go off the path and just have fun watching it climb, flip and spin.

The HYPERTRAX Is Easy To Drive, But Still Has Strong Technology Inside

Don’t let the tough guy image of the HYPERTRAX fool you, under that rugged exterior are some impressive brains.  Here are the key features –

  • Flip over and drive on both sides
  • Proportional throttle
  • Proportional steering
  • 2.4GHz for amazing range and control
  • Independent suspension
  • Deep treads for all terrain action

The Only Obstacle That Can Stop the HYPERTRAX?  Its Battery

Even though the remote for the HYPERTRAX holds a hefty 8 AA batteries, you still only get about 10-12 minutes of drive time before you need to recharge.  Recharging is easy and can be done outside, just plug the cable from the remote into the Hypertrax and it will start recharging.  We found it was taking about 35-45 minutes to get a full recharge.

I tell the kids, when you have lemons, you make lemonade!  You can take that downtime when the HyperTrax is recharging and use it to create an awesome obstacle course.  This way, when the 35 minutes of recharge time is done, you will have a great course to race and crash through!

Air Hogs HYPERTRAX is Good, Dirty Fun!

The Air Hogs HYPERTRAX is NOT an RC toy that you need to keep clean, protect and be gentle with.  Get outside, throw the HYPERTRAX in the dirt and have tons of dirty fun.  If you have two kids (yes, Dads count as kids) get two HYPERTRAX and let them just go crazy driving over each other!

The ability of the HYPERTRAX to flip over and drive on either side is the key to continuous fun.  You don’t need to be a good driver because if you hit a tree the HYPERTRAX just flips over and you can drive the other way.  We have seen plenty of kids play with plenty of RC toys and no matter how cool the toy is, if it is too challenging to fly or drive, kids get frustrated and stop playing with it.  The independent suspension, deep treads and double sided driving capability of the Air Hogs HYPERTRAX guarantees that nothing will stop kids from having fun!

More Information:

Air Hogs HYPERTRAX, Retail $34.95, Ages 8+

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