Why Real Dads Should Only Watch MyFox News Houston

MyFox Houston Loves Dads

MyFox Houston Loves Dads

I think it is a well accepted fact that the best thing on TV is MyFox Houston.   People tell me there are other channels on my cable box – but I have put parental locks on everything EXCEPT MyFox Houston.  When I travel, I demand that my hotel carry MyFox Houston or I tell my kids to kick on the walls all night.

Why Do We Love MyFox Houston?  Because They Care About Dads!

If  there is a bigger advocate for Dads in the world than MyFox Houston, I would love to see it.  If I were President I would change Father’s Day to MyFox Houston Day.  Wow, just think of all the cool greeting card possibilities – foxes galore!

You know what, the only thing that we love more than MyFox Houston is the Tech Minute segment on MyFox Houston.   In particular, the 12/16 segment was just a tour de force that all Moms and Dads really need to watch.  Oh, that’s funny, I didn’t even realize it, but it turns out they featured Dad Does on that segment!

Dad Does Is Now Famous – You Can All Say You Knew Us When

For you poor souls who do not get MyFox Houston on your cable system, here is a link to the full story –

Dad Does Offers Unbiased Reviews Just For Dads

In All Seriousness We Greatly Appreciate the Mention

We like to have fun on this site, but we really do take our product reviews seriously.  We greatly appreciate the recognition by MyFox Houston, because we are trying to do product reviews differently here.  Read our article on how Dad Does Is Different and look at our Real, Relevant and Riveting Review Pledge and you will see we are trying hard to provide reviews that speak to the needs of Moms and Dads.

In January, Dad Does Tackles The World of Consumer Electronics

In January we are headed to the Consumer Electronic Show because if there is one area that needs more real and relevant product reviews for parents – it is consumer electronics and gadgets.  As Moms and Dads, we need gadgets that work and make our life easier or better.  Hopefully we will find some great products to review.

Of course, now that we are famous we will have to wear disguises to hide from all the Paparazzi – I guess fame does have its price.

Anything You Want Us To Check Out at the Consumer Electronics Show?  Leave Us a Comment!

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