Review: Air Hogs Jetpack Hero, Proof That Heroes Don’t Need Wings

Air Hogs Jet Pack Hero

Jetpack Hero

Things that need wings to fly…

  • Birds
  • Airplanes
  • Normal Folks That Strap a Jetpack to Their Back

Heroes on the other hand, they don’t need no stinkin’ wings!  Everyone knows that if a hero wants to fly he/she just needs to strap a Jetpack on and then hold his/her arms back in a V formation.  Don’t believe me?  Then you clearly have not seen the Air Hogs Jetpack Hero yet!   You see wings here?  I just see arms…

Air Hogs Jet Pack Hero

The Air Hogs Jetpack Hero is a super fun flying RC toy that features a large (17 inch) Jetpack Hero who you can fly all over your yard with the included 2.4 Ghz remote control.  Of course, this is something you need to see to understand…

Please watch our video review of the Air Hogs Jetpack Hero -

Ducted Fans, Because Even Super Heroes Crash

The video shows how cool looking the Jetpack Hero is when flying around.  The thing which will keep the Jetpack Hero flying and not in the broken toy bin is the ducted fans.  One of the major problem with most flying RC toys is the possibility of breaking off a propellor when you crash (and yes, you will crash).  Normally the propellors are exposed and can easily break in a crash.

The Jetpack Hero uses Ducted Fans which means the propellors are protected by a hard foam shell.  We crashed our poor Jetpack Hero many times and there was no breakage.  The foam shell bears the brunt of the crash and the propellors are not damaged.  It also doesn’t hurt that the ducted fans just look cool on a super hero!

Here is some more information on the Jetpack Hero from Air Hogs…

“Take to the skies with the Jetpack Hero! Climb, dive, bank and swoop as you feel the power of the Jetpack Hero’s differential thrust control! Defy gravity and reach sky soaring heights with 2.4Ghz communication and a range of up to 100 feet. Jetpack Hero’s reinforced, crash-resistant materials are incredibly light and strong. His dual-ducted fans are impact resistant for hero-grade durability. Soar into incredible adventures with the epic flight of the Jetpack Hero!”

This Hero Is Not Scared of A Little Wind

Many RC Planes and Helicopters can not fly if there is wind, due to their small size and weight.  The Jetpack Hero is large enough and has enough weight that we had no problem flying it in light winds.  In fact, if you catch a nice gust of wind, you can let go of the throttle and let your super hero glide for a while.  If the wind does get too strong, you will run into issues trying to accurately pilot your super hero.

If Only They Made a Super Hero Strength Battery…

Okay Moms and Dads, time for the one negative that we put on pretty much every RC flying toy…fly time is short and recharge time is long.  The remote control holds 8 AA batteries and to charge the Jetpack Hero you simply plug a cable from the remote into the Jetpack Hero.  No problem there, the issue is that you get about 8-10 minutes of fly time and then need to recharge for about 30-40 minutes.   This is true with pretty much all consumer level flying toys, but we just feel it is important for parents to know.

Conclusion:  If Your Kids Like Flying Toys, They Will Love Jetpack Hero

Flying a RC plane around your back yard is fun, but flying a Jetpack Hero around – that is just a whole level cooler. The Jetpack Hero comes in both a blue and red version and each looks great.  No assembly required and thanks to the durable foam shell, no breakage after a few days of flying and crashing.  You will need a lot of open space to fly your hero and there is the long wait for recharges, but overall the Jetpack Hero is a blast to fly and also fun to watch.

More Information:

Air Hogs Jetpack Hero, Ages 10+, Outdoor Toy, $49.95 Retail

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