Review: Tangle Sportz Matrix Airless Nightball, Why Let Night Stop The Fun

Tangle Sportz Nightball

Tangle Sportz Nightball

Do you have Super Bowl Fever?  With the Super Bowl just two weeks away as I write this, there is a lot more talk of football going on in my house.  The kids are excited to get outside and throw a football around, there is just one problem…the Sun doesn’t always shine on our schedule.  I’m all for the kids getting physical activity, but when they decide they want to play football at 7pm, in total darkness…things can get challenging.

Enter The Tangle Nightball, Bring On The Night

We have been talking a lot about technology after our time at the International CES, but sometimes all you need is a touch of tech and a ball to have loads of fun.  The Tangle Sportz Airless Nightball is a football that lights up when you throw and catch it.  Easy to throw, easy to catch and looks incredibly cool at night!

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Clean, Simple Physical Fun

If they ever do commercials for the Tanlge  Matrix Nightball I know the perfect soundtrack – Bring on The Night by The Police.  It really is cool to see the kids so excited for it to get dark so they can play with the Nightball.  The implementation of the technology is perfectly invisible.  No switch to turn on, no buttons to press – simply throw the football and the LED lights come on and look awesome.  The more you spiral the football, the more it lights up.  Tangle has taken a football and made it cooler, WITHOUT making it more complicated.  Simply throw and catch.

Don’t Let Snow, Rain, Floods or Sudden Ocean Formations Stop The Fun

The Tangle Matrix Nightball has LED lights so you can keep playing football even after the sun sets, but what about if it is raining, snowing or you suddenly find yourself standing in an ocean?  Well, if you are standing in an ocean you may have other problems to deal with, but your football playing can go on unhindered.  The Tangle Nightball is waterproof and it floats!

No More Excuses Kids, Time To Get Outside and Play

Get your kids a Tangle Matrix Nightball and they will never have an excuse of why they can’t get off the iPad and go outside and play.  The Nightball lights up, is waterproof, easy to throw, easy to catch and most importantly – just plain cool and fun!

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The Tangle Sportz Matrix Airless Nightball, $20 Retail

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