Sphero Proves That Even a Simple Ball Can Be Reinvented As An iPhone App


You probably think that picture up there is a ball. Yeah, right – why would write about a ball? No, what you are looking at is not even real. It is a rendering of the Sphero – the robotic 74mm in diameter, inductive charging, controlled via bluetooth and smartphones…ball. Or as we like to call it – the perfect toy to absolutely drive your cat insane!

A Perfect Example of Why We Can’t Wait for the Consumer Electronics Show

We are heading out to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January to try to find some cool gadgets to review for all you Dads and Moms. Yes, all the major electronic companies will be there and we look forward to seeing about 10,000 LCD TVs – but it is the odd toy like the Sphero, which will be launched at CES, that gets us really excited. We just love to see technology used in interesting and bizarre ways.

What is the Sphero?

Here is the description from Orbotix, the manufacturer of the Sphero –

“We are changing the interactive experience by turning your smartphone into a robot controller. Think of Sphero as an entirely new game platform – one that moves. The ball in you living room now becomes the object in the game on your iOS or Android device. We’ve been working hard to fully develop our platform hoping it inspires developers to make tons of games. Some examples we’ve shared before: solve a maze rolling Sphero around on the floor, challenge a friend to a head-to-head sumo match or control a device in your friend’s apartment, from your apartment.”

Why Every Dad Really Needs a Robotic Ball?

Forget about practical and useful robots like the Roomba Vacuum. Even forget about the idea of using the Sphero for some maze game as Orbotix describes above. I am pretty sure the Sphero was invented so Dads could torture and tourment their kids and cats!

“Son go grab that ball on the ground and we will play catch. Why can’t you pick it up? A little ball is running away from you? What am I doing with my iPhone.., just sending a text – has absolutely nothing to do with the ball running laps around you!”

When it comes to cats – I just feel sorry for them. Do not be surprised if you see cats unite and and carry out some stealth mission to capture and torture the CEO of Orbotix for making this cat insanity device. Maybe the cats will come up with something clever like a robotic toilet that they can move every time a human tries to sit on it.

This is Not a Review, Repeat This is Not a Review

As regular readers to Dad Does know – we hate reviews that are based on a press release. If you want to read more on our philosophy on product reviews, take a look at our Real, Relevant and Riveting Review Pledge and How Dad Does Reviews are Different.

At this point, we are just reporting on what has the potential to be a fun toy, but the key word here is potential! The Sphero will be released at the CES and we will do our best to see when we can get a unit to review. For now, we will have to find some low tech ways to annoy our kids and cats.

For More Information on the Sphero:

Learn more about the Sphero Robotic Ball from Orbotix

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